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Are you dreaming of calling Dubai your home? Foreigners who want to live and work in the United Arab Emirates long-term need a UAE Residency Visa to start a new life in Dubai. Make this proceeds hassle-free and quick with our dedicated team of experts, who will streamline the entire process, expedite your application and develop a strategy that aligns with your goals.

Over the years UAE has increasingly emerged as one of the most popular jurisdictions worldwide for residency between high net worth individuals. With no taxes applied on individuals on income tax, property and capital gain taxes, or net worth taxes, coupled with political stability, excellent accessibility and amazing weather all year round - Dubai is undoubtedly a very attractive proposal as a residency jurisdiction. Whether you are planning on purchasing a property, making an investment, working in the UAE or retiring there - we will guide you in taking your next steps with our professional residence Visa Dubai Services.

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You need to have a sponsor, like an employer, family member or business entity to obtain the residence visa Dubai.


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After reviewing your application by the respected immigration officials, your residence visa Dubai will be issued, once approved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01 Who Is Eligible For A Residence Visa in Dubai?

Employed individuals, investors, property owners, family members of UAE residents, retirees, students, specialised professionals, and investors in government bonds - all have the eligibility to apply for a residence visa. However, each needs to meet some specific criteria for application, which you can know in detail by talking to our expert visa professionals.

02What Is The Validity Period Of A Residence Visa in Dubai?

A UAE Residence visa is typically issued for a period of two to three years, depending on the specific category and sponsor. You need to renew it frequently to maintain its validity.

03 Can I Bring My Family With Me On My Residence Visa?

Yes! If you have a valid Residence Visa Dubai, you are eligible to sponsor your immediate family members, including spouse, children and parents to reside with you in Dubai. However, there are some eligibility criteria and requirements to be met before sponsoring their stay in Dubai.

04 Do I Need A Job Offer to Apply for a Residence Visa in Dubai?

Though getting a job in Dubai is one of the most common pathways to obtaining a Residence Visa Dubai. However, it is not the only avenue. You are also eligible for a Residence Visa in Dubai if you are a property owner in UAE, an investor, have family residing in Dubai or are a retiree.

05 Are There Any Specific Restrictions Or Conditions For Residence Visa Holders In Dubai?

There are a few regulations and conditions that one must adhere to as a Residence Visa holder in Dubai. These may include some restrictions on specific activities, adherence to local laws, and requirements for periodic renewals. To know more about these restrictions and conditions, discuss with our expert visa consultants.