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Starting and operating a business in Dubai opens the door to ample opportunities and a thriving economic ecosystem. However it involves navigating complex legal and administrative procedures. But worry not! We are a team of expert business consultants - who can help you steer this knotted maze easily and quickly without any hassle. Driven by a highly experienced team of leading consultants, our aim is to spare you all the tiring, long hours of obtaining the documents, getting them translated, trademarked and ultimately help you set up your business successfully abiding all the legal compliances.

UAE stands as a highly attractive destination for foreign investors and, rightly so, Dubai offers a unique combination of features to investors and entrepreneurs. With an unwavering commitment to efficiency and excellence, Company Formation Pro Services in Dubai offers a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses - both large and small scale, planning to operate within the dynamic landscape of Dubai’s corporate environment. We will navigate the intricate web of government regulations, paperwork, visa processing and other essential administrative tasks - so that you can concentrate on fuelling your passion for building your business.


PRO Services In Dubai

Immigration PRO Services

From business setup to strategic positioning - our team will ensure a seamless journey to residency and success.

Trade License Services

Empower your business for global accessibility and enter your gateway to entrepreneurial success with our trade licence services.

Notary Public Services

Ensure authenticity and authority of your documents, transactions and agreements with precision and confidence with our notary public services.

Consulate PRO Services

Navigate international matters seamlessly with our consulate PRO Services. We are your trusted partner for diplomatic liaisons.

Attestation PRO Services

Establish effortless authentication for seamless international transactions and legal compliance with our attestation PRO services.

Mohre PRO Services

Get expert guidance for efficient workforce management, compliance, and operational excellence. Navigate the labour landscape effortlessly with mohre PRO services.

Legal Translation Services

Ensure accurate, culturally sensitive translation services that bridges linguistic gaps and assuring legal clarity effortlessly with our expert legal translation services.

Power of Attorney Services

Get a trusted partner for effective representation of your business and empower your decisions effortlessly and with legal expertise with our power of attorney services.

Documents Clearance Services

Simplify bureaucracy and enjoy swift, accurate, and expert handling for streamlined document processing and hassle-free compliance with our documents clearance services.

GDRFA Services

Affirm seamless immigration and residency with efficient and expert GDRFA Services. We are your gateway to hassle-free residency and visa solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01 What Does PRO Means?

PRO is an acronym for Public Relations Officer - who is a government certified professional, responsible for establishing a channel of communication between businesses and the government.

02 Why Do I Need PRO Services in Dubai?

For a foreign individual to establish their company or business in Dubai, they need to go through a process with various government departments. These are legal processes and demand a strong understanding of the local laws and regulations of the UAE. As an expert PRO service provider with a strong semi-government presence in the market, Company Formation is committed to offering a comprehensive range of corporate and personal PRO services, and aid you to effectively and efficiently get approvals and documentation required for businesses in Dubai.

03 What Are The Different Types Of PRO Services?

We offer three types of PRO services in Dubai: 1 Corporate PRO services 2. Employee PRO services 3. Personal/Family PRO services