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Do you want to work in the UAE? We can’t blame you! Embarking a career in this gorgeous city is an exciting endeavour. Renowned across the world for its thriving economy, high standard of living and constant progress and growth - living in the “city of gold” is indeed one of the best decisions one can make. And if you are on the same page, you need to have an employment visa or work visa to live and work in Dubai. We at Company Formation are here to assist you and complete the documentation process on your behalf. This will not only save you precious time but our professional PRO team will take care of your complete visa processing.

Our team ensures you experience swift and accurate processing, allowing you to focus on your business operations and other activities without interruptions. We make sure that you have a great experience by choosing us as your service provider. Whether you are an individual or a company, planning to acquire an employment visa in the UAE – our team is here to take care of your entire visa application process. Don't let visa processing be a roadblock in your professional journey. Trust Company Formation for a seamless, reliable, and efficient employment visa experience in Dubai.

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The Ministry of Labour and the Department of Naturalisation and Residency Dubai will review your application and process your employment visa. .

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After getting your employment visa and Dubai work permit, you can begin working in Dubai immediately and enjoy an amazing lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01 How Long Does An Employment Visa Dubai Take?

Depending upon your Dubai work visa application, your work category and documents submitted to the MoHRE (the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation), you will receive your visa within a few weeks.

02 What Are The Medical Requirements For A Dubai Employment Visa?

For acquiring a Dubai employment visa, there are a few medical requirements that one needs to fulfil. You need to undergo a series of blood tests and X-rays to determine your overall health. As per the mandate – HIV, Tuberculosis and Leprosy are mandatory for one and all conditions. Apart from these, all women who are planning to work as a babysitter or domestic help are required to undergo pregnancy tests. Individuals planning to work in health clubs, restaurants, coffee shops and food outlets are required to undergo tests for Hepatitis and Syphilis.

03 Is It Possible To Acquire An Employment Visa For Dubai From India?

Yes, if you can grab a job in Dubai while you are still in India, your employer can apply and provide for your employment visa in Dubai while you are still in India.

04 Can I Renew A Dubai Employment Visa?

Absolutely you can! But you need to apply for employment visa renewal atleast 30 days prior to its expiration date.

05Can I Bring My Family To Dubai If I Have My Work Visa?

Yes, you can! But you need to meet certain criteria and must have sufficient income to sponsor your family’s residency visa and their stay.