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Are you planning to reunite with your loved ones in Dubai? You can do it easily with our dependent visa services. We will make sure to provide you with the necessary solutions to help you obtain visas for your family. Whether you are seeking a sponsor visa, husband visa, kid’s visa, or dependent visa services - our group of specialists in family visa processing is always at your service to make this complex immigration process easier for you and your family.

With our deep understanding of the family visa process and legal requirements of the UAE market - our team will guide you navigate the intricacies of document attestation, visa application and submission. Regardless of your profession, if you meet the minimum salary requirements, can show proof of relationship and dependency, and ability to house and financially support your dependents while residing in the UAE - you can easily sponsor your dependents in the UAE. So, whether you are an expatriate seeking to bring your family to the UAE or a resident looking to sponsor your loved ones, Company Formation got you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01 What Are The Requirements For Obtaining A Dependent Visa?

There are a few requirements that one must meet for applying for a dependent visa in the UAE. These include sponsorship, relationship proof, medical fitness, financial requirements, insurance and passport. To know about these requirements in detail, get in touch with our expert family visa consultants.

02 What Are The Various Types Of Dubai Dependent Visas?

The type of dependent visa depends on the nature and the relationship between the sponsor in Dubai and the dependent. The following are the types of dependent visas in the UAE: Husband sponsoring wife and children Sponsoring parents Wife sponsoring family

03 Who Is Eligible For A UAE Dependent Visa?

The dependent family members of any individual who is residing and working in Dubai can apply for a UAE Residence Visa. They can be: Spouse (husband or wife) Unmarried daughters Sons below 18 years of age Parents

04 What Is The Process Time For The UAE Dependent Visa?

The time to obtain a UAE dependent visa takes between 10 to 3 weeks, provided all the documents and legal requirements are met the right way.

05 What Is The Minimum Salary To Get A Dependent Visa In UAE?

To get Dependent Visa Services in Dubai, The primary visa applicant should earn a minimum of 3000 AED per month with accommodation or 4000 AED without accommodation.