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Success Begins Here: Mainland Company Setup and Business Setup in UAE

Set Up Your Business in Dubai Mainland With Expert Business Consultants

Entrepreneurs from all around know that Dubai is the business hub of the Middle East - and the reasons are plenty. Firstly, if you can do your business in Mainland Dubai, then you have the freedom to do your business in any other part of the UAE. This city once schmoozed the oil industry, but now is a hub for real estate, tourism, trade and financial services are big industries in the Emirates.

However, setting up a business in the Mainland UAE is a complicated, time-intensive legal process. Especially if you are not familiar with the UAE local laws and judicial procedure, it can be quite difficult to navigate the process and documents while keeping your mind on the game. But once you get through the hassle-free process, you can start enjoying Dubai’s business environment, with numerous benefits. The trading hub offers entrepreneurs the most liberal operating conditions, tax-free benefits, asset protection and complete privacy of their company. But before all, you need expert assistance in setting up your business. And this is where our expert business consultants can help you! We have been helping companies from all around the world in setting up their businesses successfully and effortlessly in Mainland Dubai. Our team will take care of everything. From choosing your business activity to opening your bank account, from documentation to getting approvals to setting up your business - we will do it for you. Talk to our team today to start your business in Dubai.


A prospering domain where businesses from various enterprises don’t just endure, but also thrive in the light of positive conditions

Access To Diverse Market

Offers a thriving business ecosystem with a broad customer base from various industries

No Restrictions On Business Activities

Unlike some free zones, Mainland Dubai allows businesses flexibility without industry specific limitations

No Currency Restrictions

Mainland Dubai is not subject to currency exchange controls, allowing businesses easy repatriation of profits and capital.

Strong Legal Framework and Regulatory Environment

Provides international best practices in terms of legal and regulatory framework - ensuring a stable and secure environment for businesses

No Minimum Capital Requirement

Does not have a specific minimum capital requirement - allowing you to grow your business with more flexibility.

Access to Skilled Workforce

Allows you to tap into the pool of talent from the diverse and highly skilled workforce

Strategic Location for Trade and Logistics

Mainland Dubai’s location is at the crossroads of Asia, Europe, and Africa - making it an ideal hub

Potential for Local Clients and Government Contracts

Mainland Dubai allows you to bid for government contracts and work with local clients - adding a significant source of

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1 What Is The Process And Timeline For Obtaining Necessary Licenses And Permits in Mainland Dubai?

2 Are There Any Restrictions On Foreign Ownership Or Local Sponsorship Requirements For My Business Activity?

Though there are no such restrictions, for certain business activities, Mainland Dubai may require a local Emirati sponsor or a local service agent. To know whether your business falls under this category, get in touch with our team now.

3 What Are The Associated Costs And Fees For Setting Up And Operating A Business In Mainland Dubai?

4 How Can I Navigate The Visa And Immigration Process For Myself And Potential Employees?